Saturday, April 22, 2006

My personal philosophy is a blend of three modes of thought:

  • Stoicism: Relax, go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. Enjoy the good times, suffer through the bad times, and above all endure. Bend with the wind, but never break. See clearly, and act from the heart.

  • Zen: The right path will open naturally. If you can't see the right path, then relax and let your feet find the way. Everything you need will be provided for you, but just out of your reach. It's up to you to make the effort to obtain them.

  • Viking: Sometimes you've got to put aside this philosophy crap, take up your sword, and fight for the things you value. Take joy in the fight, because fighting is living. Life puts challenges in your path, you show your worth by how you deal with them.

The problem is knowing which mode to be in, n'est pas?

Just don't bug me on a Monday morning.