Sunday, December 16, 2007

The semester is over now, I've submitted my final grades, and I attended the College of Engineering graduation ceremony yesterday. My major task this week was meeting with groups from my game programming class and quizzing them about their games. Here's a picture of some of them hard at work in the lab:

The games from the class look pretty good this semester, given that Max scheduled the Art class at a totally different time without notifying me. See I worked on the LARC home page this week too, a test version is up at I plan to make the slideshow images larger and to work on the code more to make it work in Mozilla. The Mozilla-specific code that I have in place now for the slide transitions doesn't seem to work as advertized. It works great for IE, but that's no surprise.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

This week was Dead Week at UNT, the last week of classes. On Monday the Undergraduate Committee of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering approved my request for two new game programming classes. On Tuesday we had the game contest in my Game Programming class with judges from Terminal Reality. Wednesday and Thursday I updated my web page,, learning some Javascript along the way.

Friday was my wife's birthday, so I took the day off. I worked on updating the LARC webpage over the weekend to make up the time. It will have a Javascript slideshow.

My wife was hospitalized early this week for a day with a suspected heart attack. We're still not sure. She goes for a stress test early next week. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The damn toilet upstairs overflowed this morning, sending water in a steady drip out the kitchen ceiling.

I ripped up the carpeting in the toilet and attempted to dry it out with a heater and a large fan. (What idiot puts carpet in a toilet? Don't ask me. The house was this way when we bought it.)

While uploading images from my camera I came across an old one of my wife's dog after Kate spilled chocolate milk on him this summer. He's naturally brown and white to begin with, but those stains on his back are not natural.

What, me worry?
Thoughts on research and teaching.

A new PhD student, Jonathon Doran, will be joining me in January. He pointed out that my UNT webpage hasn't been kept up-to-date recently about my game development research. In fact, it looks like not much is going on. He's right, my former PhD student Tim Roden used to say the same thing.

So this week I put together a new research webpage here. I'm not totally finished, this is the first draft.

On Monday my request for new game development classes goes before the Undergraduate Committee of the Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering. This is just the first step of a multi-committee process. I'm proposing a new class on Game Math and Physics, and a new topics class for game dev students. Once this process gets started I'll work on the Game Programming certificate that the Dean wants. On the plus side, my requests for graduate level classes were apparently approved. I need to work on a new website for the teaching side of my work too.
November 15-18, 2007 we had a colleague of mine from Sweden, Mary Sheeran of Chalmers University, come visit us in Texas. On the weekend we took her to the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth. I didn't manage to get any decent pictures of Mary, but these are my favorite ones from that trip.