Thursday, January 17, 2008

Torque X Boot Camp: Day 0

Up at 6:00am. Argh. I'm seeing the sunrise from the "other side", I'm getting flashbacks to being a graduate student again. Shower. Breakfast. The dog looks at me like I'm crazy.

The drive to SMU at Legacy is easier than I expect, less than 50 minutes. They have a reasonable breakfast set out, heavy on the bananas. Are they sending us a message here? I'm thinking of the Dilbert cartoon that says that Engineers tend to lose credibility when they're eating bananas.

There are about 17 students in class, and 3 instructors from Garage Games. Stephen Zepp and John Kanalakis are the instructors, Davey Johnson the facilitator. So far, so good.

Here we go...

We're going around introducing ourselves. There's a good mix, high school teachers and university faculty. So far everybody seems to be a newbie... some have industry experience and are new at the academic thing, and some are academics and/or teachers just starting out with game development.

That took a long time. The rest of the day discussed concepts. It might have been too long for those of us who already know what we're doing, but totally incomprehensible to those who don't.

Dinner was at Mi Cocina just around the corner from the Guildhall.

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