Saturday, January 19, 2008

Torque X Boot Camp: Day 2

This is the third day (I started numbering at Day 0). We briefly went through the process of adding delegates to a game object in our 2D games. Now we're looking at Torque 3D. There's no Builder, so everything is done in XML. They're working on a 3D Builder though, which will make the whole process much easier.

They're focussing on the Art pipeline. We're going to create an object in 3D Studio Max and bring it into the Torque 3D terrain demo. After that we messed with the code a little to make the player teleport to the place a grenade ends at. It's all quite simple code, as usual with this kind of thing the majority of the time is spent in deciphering the wrappers and figuring out which class has the responsibility we need, and then figuring out what they named the appropriate function. Sigh.

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