Thursday, May 29, 2008

Student Evaluation of Instructor

My department has finally updated the evaluation form that students use to evaluate their instructor. The old 12-question form has been changed only once in the last 18 years as far as I can remember. The new form has only 6 questions.

I finally got the evaluations from Spring 2008 back this week. It takes a while for UNT to get around to collating the results. I've posted mine here. Not all professors post theirs, but I think that they should so that students can get full information on their future instructors. Mine are always pretty good so I have no problems posting them.

I'm a little annoyed at one of the comments in my 4220 class this semester though. It's more than a little skewed, shall we say. Since the survey is of necessity anonymous and completely confidential, students sometimes get away with writing the most biased things and we don't get to respond. This time I've decided to respond here.

Not many students have bothered to evaluate me on off-campus sites such as

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